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PPC Audience Strategy: Targeting vs. Observation (With Examples)


PPC Audience Strategy: Targeting vs. Observation (With Examples)

These key differences between Targeting and Observation audience settings in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads can make or break your campaign.

Google Ads Audience Targeting & Audience Manager Strategy – Google Ads Audience Tutorial in 2022

Audience insights is a tool that shows you useful information about the people in your remarketing lists to help you locate new audiences. Audience insights can help you locate audiences connected to your “All converters” remarketing list to widen your targeting or change your bids to better reach these high-performing audiences if you’re utilizing Google Ads conversion monitoring.

Major Benefits Include:
-Expand your ad group targeting by finding new and relevant consumers.
-Your remarketing lists are made up of demographics, locations, devices, and interests.
-Make educated judgments on how to target your advertisements, how to set bids, and more.
-Increase sales by attracting new clients who are likely to convert on your website.
-Compare the demographics of your remarketing lists to the broader population.

Advertisers can broaden their ad group targeting and alter bids particularly to drive those potential new consumers (with comparable characteristics to the sample segment) to the top of their business’s funnel after they have a better understanding of their customer base.

When the audience is the company’s biggest revenue-generating client segment, the insights reported become even more valuable.

-0:00 – Why are audiences important in Google Ads?
-1:27 – How to add audience targeting in Google Ads
-5:17 – How to access Google Audience Insights
-8:12 – How to apply audiences from Google Audience Insights
-9:45 – Outro, please subscribe!

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Simplified PPC Campaign Framework – Part 1: Targeting The Right Audience

In this video, we’re going to explore the idea that targeting the right audience is key.

It’s not as simple as “if you’re a dog, then sell to other dogs.” If you want high-quality leads or customers, it’s not enough to just put up a bunch of ads and hope for the best.

You need to target your content and marketing efforts toward people who are actively interested in what you have to offer. That’s where targeting comes into play!

We’ll talk about how to think about your target audience by looking at search intent, affinity, and more!

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Google Ads: Improve Campaign Performance with Audience Targeting from That PPC Guy

Your Google Ad campaigns will perform only as well as your targeting will allow. Improve your PPC performance by honing in your audience targeting. Adding in-market segments for your service or product and including bid adjustments of at least 24% is a start. Creating Custom Audience Segments will take it to the next level. To build these go to Tools and Settings, then Shared Library, and finally Audience Manager. Follow the prompts to build a custom segment and attach it to the appropriate campaigns. These are absolutely necessary for Performance Max campaigns!

Learn more about That PPC Guy here: www.thatppcguy.com

Google Ads Audience Targeting for Search Campaigns 2023

Discover how to target audiences for search campaigns in Google Ads. I go over the difference between Observation and Targeting when it comes to search campaigns along with best practices for targeting audiences. You can optimize and improve your Google Ads search campaigns by observing audiences and using bid adjustments. In addition, you can exclude audiences from your search campaigns as well.


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