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5 Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Lead Generation Sites


5 Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Lead Generation Sites

For businesses looking to increase leads, every conversion is precious because each could be a paying customer. Here are 5 tips that can help.

5 Tips To Boost Your Website Conversion Rate [EASY]

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In this video, you’ll get 5 easy tips to boost the conversion of your website. The first is based on the amazing book by Don Miller “Building a Story Brand” – Hope you enjoy it.

0:50 Tip #1 – No Carousel
2:00 Tip #2 – Make a Better Title
4:13 Tip #3 – Improve Call-to-actions (CTA)
6:43 Tip #4 – Have Great Testimonials
9:40 Tip #5 – A Video on Each Page
11:55 RECAP

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When it comes to generating more leads, there are 5 variables you can control:

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They challenged us to create them a page that generated a cheaper cost per lead.

Challenge excepted.

Let’s break down the before/after now ��

1. We added a value driven headline: The new headline focused purely on the benefits of the service.

2. We’ve switched to a multistep form: The new form stands out and clearly displays instructional information and the desired outcome.

3. We’ve made the form super simple: We asked an easy question on step one to get users into the funnel and clearly displayed the steps involved to remove friction.

4. We’ve added benefit driven bullet-points: These were added below the form to further establish trust and credibility.

5. We’ve added further trust and authority: By using simple icons + text that help establish the authority and trust of the company.

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