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How to Combine SEO & PPC Data for More Powerful Results


How to Combine SEO & PPC Data for More Powerful Results

You don't have to choose between SEO and PPC. Here's how SEO and PPC can complement each other and improve your search strategy.

SEO vs. SEM: Making them work together to drive great marketing results | PPC Town Hall 48

Success in search requires treating search engine results pages (SERP) as a single entity.

Its three core components – ads (search + shopping), #SERP features, and traditional “blue links” – are all mutually beneficial. But too often, each of these functions is siloed, preventing a more robust, holistic understanding of your target audience.

This panel covers:
• What is integrated search & how does it help
• How to make the case for integrated search to senior management
• 5 Strategies that enable SEM, #SEO, and #eCommerce to work together

Our expert guests:
• Sam Tomlinson, Warschawski
• Kirk Williams, ZATO Marketing

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4 Situations When PPC & SEO Combine To Make Magic

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SEO And PPC Working Together: Why They Should Be Combined

SEO and PPC working together can yield greater performance. But often, they are viewed as completely separate channels.

In search, often paid search is managed by a PPC team and organic managed by an SEO team, and then you’d have copy, creative and content handled separately too. Also it can feel more straightforward for agencies or businesses to think about these kinds of linear conversion paths and channel specific ROI, rather than the reality… which is a complicated blend of multiple channels and customers really behaving quite erratically during the buying cycle.

Well what this siloed management style doesn’t account for is the role SEO and PPC play in the modern customer journey or the kind of messy middle of the buying funnel.

So, because search is such a dynamic environment – with so many different ways to interact with it, like paid search ads, organic listings, maps, sponsored maps listings, images, shopping, knowledge graph etc – and the fact that anyone can be present there on global level – you really should be looking at an integrated strategy to ensure SEO and PPC are working together.

Some important things to understand:
– The longer you buy traffic, the more you’ll spend over time. Is that sustainable?
– You’ll eventually hit a ceiling with paid search which means your ROAS will eventually begin to decrease and you’ll have to invest disproportionate additional budget – and time – to make it work
– You remain very exposed in search if you’re relying solely on paid

So the ideal outcome here is that we integrate SEO and PPC into a single strategy. This needs to evolve over time which means regular reviews and adjustments.

There are whole bunch of benefits to this:
– You diversify your risk in search by building a stronger presence across both #SEO and #PPC
– You’re able to control and improve your overall blended cost per acquisition or cost per lead if well executed
– You actually take up more of the search results real estate and start to build serious presence in the categories or topic areas that are most relevant to your business
– Site conversion rate and brand traffic is likely to increase too, because you’re reaching more relevant people and driving more targeted traffic from SEO and PPC working together
– You get an edge on your competition if they don’t have an integrated search strategy

I think the key takeaway is that this isn’t rocket science, its just about being efficient and structured, making use of the different data sets and not getting bogged down or stagnant. It’s definitely worth everyone thinking about this and just how much impact it might have on what you’re really trying to achieve if you focus on SEO and PPC working together.

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Why (and How) to Combine SEO and PPC for Stronger Results

It’s no use trying to outrank big companies with massive budgets, right? WRONG! With the right SEO and PPC tactics, you absolutely can. But it’s not just a matter of choosing one or the other. To get more traffic to your site that you can convert into customers, you need both.

Check out this webinar recording to learn:

• Why you need to integrate your SEO and PPC strategies.
• How to combine them to rank higher in search results.
• How to allocate budget between SEO and paid media campaigns.


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