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There’s A New Way To Create Custom Columns In Google Ads


There’s A New Way To Create Custom Columns In Google Ads

Learn how to use use the latest updates to Google Ads custom columns to monitor the metrics that matter most for your company.

Columns Google Ads [Step-By-Step] (2022)

In this video, I will go over Columns in Google Ads and show you which metrics are important and which should be ignored.

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Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers bid to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users. It can place ads both in the results of search engines like Google Search and on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos.

Google ads campaigns are fantastic for businesses looking to generate high-quality and consistent leads. This video will explain Columns in Google Ads.

Set Up Custom Columns For Your YouTube Ad Campaigns (Full Tutorial)

In this quick video I show you how to set up custom columns for your YouTube and Google ad campaigns.

If you want to be able to easily identify issues with your campaigns, track all your conversions and profits, and know-how to scale things that are working well you need custom columns!

Thankfully breaking it out is super easy so you can start making better optimization decisions for your campaigns.

0:00 – Set Up Custom Columns For Your YouTube Ad Campaigns (Full Tutorial)
0:40 – Set up your columns in a sequence
1:39 – Creating new columns
3:38 – Wrap up

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Google Ads Custom Columns | How to Use Them Correctly

In this video I walk you guys through how and why I choose which custom columns that I use for every new Google Ads campaign. These are the main metrics that you need to be working to dial in for your Google Ads campaign.

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Google Ads Custom Columns – How To Create Custom Columns In Google Ads

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Do you want to create a custom column for your Google Ads account? In this video, you will learn how to create custom columns easily.

How to create custom columns? Good question. Best way would be to go into the interface and show you how to do that so all you do is you go to campaigns and then you go to columns. You can either modify or create a new one. So I’ve got a custom column set. Which I can edit or I can modify. So I’ll go over here edit this one. And then you will see lots of these metrics and along the bottom you are going to see custom column. I’m going to zoom in a bit more so you guys can see this a bit better. Okay, I think that’s better. Where were we? There you are.

Custom columns. Click on it and then click the plus button. And you go to this pop up window which says here create a custom column. Let’s say I want to create a custom column for cost per conversion. I can call it CPA you can put in the description cost per acquisition and then you have the number form the data format whether it’s a number percent a currency so for this it is currency and then I’m going into the columns. So the formula for cost per conversion or cost per acquisition is cost divided by conversions so cost is under performance. Now that’s the only thing you will need to go through if you are not very familiar as to which metrics are hidden under which section then you’ll have to go through each.

Cost is over here. Cost and then you click on divide that by enlarge it a bit more. Okay cost divided by then I’ll go back again conversions now you have got a cost per conversion anyway so you may think why am I showing this to you but you can create any kind of custom column from here. So now when you go back to your column set. Okay. Just give me one moment. Just need to go blog block into that account. I think it’s this one. Let’s try again.

Okay so we were under modify columns and so in some accounts you will find that the custom column is somewhere else like over here I was looking at the bottom it’s not there you got the custom columns but you got this blue button over there as well which is the custom columns it’s the same thing so you can say CPA let’s do ROAS, the conversion value My journey is, where has it gone? Conversion value divided by cost. Under performance. And that is your ROAS you can then put in a percentage. Save it. And you can apply that.

And then you will see you can’t see it at the moment. And there you go. That’s my ROAS. So you can go and create as many custom columns you may like. And using all this. You got this function one as well as to create a custom column using these functions as well. But we don’t use that a huge amount but usually we use these ones to create our custom columns for CPA or cost per booked calls and so on.

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