Moon's Impact On Libido: The Lunar Cycle Impacts Your Sex Life - sex drive during a full moon


THE MOON AND THE SEX DRIVE | Modern Mechanix sex drive during a full moon

Discover what kind of impact the Full Moon has on your libido and sex drive. Have you ever noticed that the duration of the lunar cycle (28 days) corresponds with a woman’s menstrual cycles? Lunar cycle effects: The Moon and your sex drive!.

Oct 4, Recent studies show that more women ovulate during the full moon than Our testosterone peaks during this time, which means our sex drives.

Sep 26, THE lunar cycle seems to affect women of all shapes and sizes. As such, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a great time for love as the fairer sex shows heightened sexual desire during a full moon, China Press reported. It quoted a book titled The Lunar Effect: Biological Tides and Human.