Top Ten Murdered Men: Death Wish 3 (#5) - CutPrintFilm - death wish 2 licks her


Death Wish 2 (Comparison: BBFC 18 VHS (Cinema Club) - NL DVD) - death wish 2 licks her

Jiver is pulling Rosario's slip down and licks her butt while another guy threatens her with a knife. The R-Rated shows another shot of her being.

Death Wish 2 (Comparison: Dutch DVD (DFW) - Dutch DVD (Columbia TriStar)) - Punkcut licks her buttocks. 3 sec.

Death Wish 2 — in which Kersey's daughter was sexually victimized yet again, While the previous two Death Wish films, each in their own ways, . as he takes a leisurely stroll around the ghetto licking his ice cream cone.