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Impact of COVID-19 on Ecommerce: 4 Ways to Adapt Your Digital Strategy


Impact of COVID-19 on Ecommerce: 4 Ways to Adapt Your Digital Strategy

We're starting to see the early impact COVID-19 has to ecommerce businesses. Here are four ways digital marketers can adapt.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Ecommerce Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused several disruptions in the all businesses in which retail sector is not left behind. Online shopping has been spiked up to follow the precautionary steps of COVID-19 which includes social distancing and self-isolation. While this represents the opportunity to grow up, there are certain impacts also which need to understand to drive channel shift. Here we have mapped out the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to help you understand how you can respond to this changing time to survive.

The future of shopping: what’s in store?

The pandemic has upended the way people buy—online retail has soared as high-street shops and malls close. Brands are now racing to exploit one of the most important weapons in the battle for buyers: their customers’ data.

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600% Ecommerce Growth During COVID-19 with Fluid Digital | Veeqo Webinars

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a peek behind the scenes at an ecommerce business who has experienced massive growth during the coronavirus outbreak, and see what their strategy looked like?

We’ve teamed up with ecommerce experts Fluid Digital to give you just that.

In this exclusive online session, the team at Fluid will be revealing their ecommerce playbook that saw online retailer Celebrate Gifts experience a 600% increase in online revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In just 45 minutes, you’ll discover:

– How Celebrate Gifts experienced a 600% increase in online revenue.
– The best way to manage your PPC budget in a crisis.
– How to scale your multichannel strategy on Amazon to increase sales.

Download the presentation slides here:


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COVID-19 eCommerce webinar recap: How to adapt your marketing strategy to current needs

If you missed the live session, don’t worry, the session is now available here on YouTube.

Developing a marketing strategy is vital for any business, it’s the main way to guarantee that you’ll attract the right customers who will more likely to convert and get your product/service. Your focus should be how to be customer-oriented and how to develop long-term and profitable relationships with those customers. Your strategy should respond to changes in customer perceptions and demand. It may also help you identify whole new markets that you can successfully target.

In this Facebook live session we covered:

1-How to Rapidly and strategically embrace the new normal: How can your business survive when it depends on in-person appointments survive and your clients have been told to not leave their homes?

2-How to adapt your marketing plan: The next three to six months will bring many societal changes that will affect your business, how to adapt?

3-Digital marketing ideas to consider in presence of COVID-19

4-How to meet your customers needs: is this the time to experience with a new product?

5-The importance of displaying that your brand follows all safety measures and how to comfort your customers with content, policies and guarantees,

This is a Facebook live session delivered to you by:

Moataz Kotb
Founder and Managing Director of Cultark. The agency’s pioneering BEAM® framework and results in the field of performance based marketing has gathered numerous global and local awards. Under his leadership, Cultark managed to secure a regional reputation of excellence and currently serves a diverse portfolio of clients spanning across multiple industries throughout Egypt, the Gulf and Europe.

Sameh Abdel Fattah
Founder and CTO of zVendo.com, the latest eCommerce product of Business Boomers and a platform that enables merchants to create their own online store, mobile shopping apps and POS with localized shipping and payment integrations and Arabic support. Sameh has extensive work experience with several local, multi-national and startup companies in the eCommerce and information technology fields for more than 20 years and has been focusing on eCommerce for the past decade, through developing eCommerce platforms, products, services, and End-to-End solutions to meet the daily challenges of the field for more than 100 retailers.

Know more about zVendo here:


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