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How to Prepare Your Ecommerce Business for a Cookieless Future


How to Prepare Your Ecommerce Business for a Cookieless Future

Third-party cookies and the tactics they’ve supported will be gone in 2022. The question is how your e-commerce business evolves in response.

Future-Proof Your Marketing: Advertising in a Cookieless World

Brought to you by Brave + Dentsu Aegis Network

Brave is the first global digital advertising platform built for privacy, offering advertisers the opportunity to participate in a premium, brand safe, and opt-in ad ecosystem designed for the cookieless future of the internet.

In this 45 min virtual event, hear from industry experts from Brave and Dentsu Aegis Network – a multinational media and digital marketing communications company – on how ad agencies, in-house brand marketers and publishers can prepare to shift their advertising strategies as privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA become more important than ever, and as consumers take more control of their digital privacy.

Our speakers will talk through tangible advertising solutions and provide key takeaways that marketers can immediately implement.


Amy Siegel, Vice President, Director Digital at Dentsu Aegis Network
Brendan Eich, Chief Executive Officer, Brave
Dr. Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy Officer, Brave
Donny Dvorin, Head of Sales, Brave

Marketing in a Cookieless World ▬ How to Navigate The Cookie Change

The digital landscape is on the verge of a dramatic shift. Learn how to build a long-term, sustainable solution that will withstand the upcoming data privacy regulations to efficiently meet the needs of people without third-party cookies.


Time codes:

00:00 Introduction
01:49 Why do Third – Party Cookies Matter?
01:59 Distiction Between First-Party & Third-Party Cookies
02:42 How will this Change Affect Organisations?
03:46 How Can organisations Navigate The Cookieless Future?
04:10 Focusing on First-Party Data Optimisation
04:52 Implementing a Transparent Data Collection Practise
05:23 Upgrade One-On-One Engagements
06:01 Leverage Second-Party Data Partnerships
06:15 Walled Garden Data
06:35 Employ AI-Driven Attribution
07:01 Final Thoughts



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The Cookieless Future | EP 1: Will retargeting die without 3rd party cookies?

Google is switching off third-party cookies in 2023. How will online and omnichannel businesses advertise products and services to potential buyers without them?

Find out with our new ‘Cookieless Future’ video series. Our experts, Laurie Da Silva and Richard Johnson, guide you through the new world of the cookieless advertising, starting in this video with the basics and an explanation of proposed new technologies.

To learn more about this new solution to a cookieless world, visit https://blog.rtbhouse.com


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