The history of the famous surfing shaka sign - thumb and pinky finger


Part II: Power of the Pinky Finger - RITTER Sports Performance thumb and pinky finger

The shaka sign, sometimes known as "hang loose," is a gesture of friendly intent often associated with Hawaii and surf culture. It consists of extending the thumb and smallest finger while holding the three In American sign language the extended thumb and 'pinky' with mid-fingers folded, quickly rotated at wrist, means 'to.

The shaka hand gesture is the symbol made by holding the hand in a loose fist and extending the thumb and pinky finger with the back of the hand facing the recipient. You have most likely seen this gesture being flashed by surfers and Hawaiian natives, but do you know what it.

One day blows up hand and is left with 2 fingers thumb and pinky. Locals would see him around and wave at him, he would wave back but only with thumb and.