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I have just bought an R reg Escort Convertible for the Summer! The last time I tried to do this I could not even reset the immobiliser! 3) ecu or immobiliser transponder detector fault (theres a detecor ring round the 96 mondeo lx, 99 mondeo zetec, 00 mondeo zetec, 95 mondeo GLX, .

In most cases, you only need to reset the fuel cut off switch which was activated by the impact. From my experience, the main problem is how to find hidden emergency fuel shut off switch location. What is Fuel Pump Emergency Cut Off Switch?.

No 4 to pin 53 on ECU Per. If I move the wire from pin 4 to 53 what do I do with the wire from pin 53? johnxrs, AM. 95 escort convertible. Quote.