Steelcarbo Abrasive Strips - 2 mm Wide, mm Thickness, MEDIUM grit, 12/Pk | Dental Supplies - fine grit abrasive strips


PDTM Steel abrasive strips - Produits dentaires - SA fine grit abrasive strips

They do the job fine. I'm just sanding down some dental work that catches on floss, and these guys slide easily between even tight teeth. There is a 'coarse' side.

Dental Abrasive Stainless steel Strips 4 mm wide - 5 pcs. One side, fine grit with gaped center. Package: Stainless steel abrasive diamond strips (fine grit) 4 mm.

The Microdont Polyester can be used for a great polishing and finishing on the composite, and have at the same strip side abrasives with medium and fine grit.