Cricket Still Selling "Unlimited Wireless Broadband" That Isn't · - cricket broadband 5 gb limit sucks


Problems with Cricket Broadband cricket broadband 5 gb limit sucks

Problems with Cricket Broadband: Problem #1 - You always get dropped. I have been a Cricket customer for over 5 years so I believe I can speak to the subject of Cricket's services. Cricket sucks and I'm not talking about Jiminy Cricket. .. What Cricket does not tell you is that it has a gb download limit for each.

AT&T earlier this month matched Verizon's 5 GB limit. . I just got the Cricket broadband wireless thing and I'm starting to realize, with the That sucks that Cricket advertised “unlimited internet” and they don't tell you the real.

Anyway, there is a 5GB per month limit, looks to be a soft cap though, though again in some places it will be quite slow (a few times faster than But I wouldn't dump cable for CricKet Mobile Broadband just 'cuz it's cheaper.