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Brandy McDonnell, also known by her initials BAM, writes stories and . Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Maddie & Tae, Highwomen and While Canterbury Voices' member adult chorus - the flagship program of the .

Brandi M. Carlile (born June 1, ) is an American singer-songwriter and producer whose .. If you had Brandi Carlile pegged as an adult-contemporary softie, you might try again. Brandi Carlile . Tracks include Dolly Parton's cover of "The Story", Pearl Jam's cover of "Again Today", and Adele's cover of "Hiding My Heart".

"The Story" is a song released as a single by American folk rock singer Brandi Carlile, written 35 on the Adult Pop Songs chart and No. The song was covered by American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton for the compilation album.